We treat Business Law and Civil Litigation separately, although civil litigation very often involves businesses.

Disputes and business problems sometimes arise which cannot be amicably resolved without court intervention. When all other reasonable approaches to staying out of court have been tried, then strong litigation skills are required to maximize chances of success in a court trial. We consider formal Binding and Non-Binding Arbitration to be within the scope of litigation.

Our focus is on all business, as well as personal/person-to-person disputes and allegations. A noticeable portion of our litigation involves real estate and construction matters.

We competently handle litigation matters which involve the following areas. The list below is far from being complete:

  • Breach of Contract and Lease Agreements
  • Breach of Real Estate Sale Contracts
  • Business Fraud
  • Business Partner Cheating/Embezzling From Another Partner
  • Business Theft
  • Construction Defects – Remodeling and New Construction
  • Non-Family Law Restraining Orders
  • Unfair Competition Allegations
  • Theft and Illegal Usage of Business Trade Secrets
  • Property Line Disputes

If it deals with business, we can handle it and give competent and correct advice on fully addressing your requests, resolving any disputes, and maximizing chances of staying out of court.

The great majority of court cases settle before trial. We always have our eyes out for a favorable settlement by way of positioning our clients, early on and well before trial, in the best possible light visible to the other side.

But if trial becomes necessary, we have extensive years of experience in trial work, whether by the court itself or by jury.  

We’ve managed cases with multiple millions of dollars, with those judgments coming from jury verdicts. We are very well versed in jury trials and view them as a challenge not to be feared, but as a challenge to convince a jury that our client deserves their vote.  Over the years, we have mastered all usual facets of trial work, as well as the psychology of twelve people working as one. We do not shy away from trial, and sometimes this attitude convinces the other side to settle sooner than later.

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