We treat Business Law and Civil Litigation separately, although civil litigation very often involves businesses.

As with any legal matters we handle, we are always concerned about our clients’ legal costs. We believe it is actually a disservice to a client to rush off to court, without first exploring one or more of the many other paths which may very well lead to a successful out-of-court resolution of whatever disputes may exist between persons and/or businesses.

Business law includes numerous out-of-court matters, problems, issues, and procedures, which deal directly with doing business in the real world. Only a few of the more common areas are listed below:

  • Which Type of Entity Is Best For Your Business
  • Business Entity Formations
  • How Should a Business be Started and Begin Actual Operation
  • Business Insurance – What Does a New Business Really Require
  • Business Contracts and Non-Competition Contracts
  • Business Mediation of Potential Disputes
  • Protection of Your Business Secrets and Confidential Business Information
  • Dealing With Competition – Is It Unfair Under the Law
  • Employee and Employment Issues
  • The New Law on Employee Versus Independent Contractor

The above is far from exhaustive. If it deals with business, we handle it and give competent and correct advice on fully addressing your requests, resolving any disputes, and maximizing chances of staying out of court.

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