I’m far from a politician. I’m just an “ol’ country lawyer”, US born, who has lived free thanks to our Constitution, and of course our Armed Forces which have protected the freedoms given to each of us by our Constitution.

I recently read an article on Yahoo, a true and blue member of the liberal media, which says our Constitution is outdated, should be shredded, and we should start over. I’ve just had enough with the American hating and “ashamed of America” left wing radicals. So, this is the first of several weekly articles (God willing) showing that the opposite is true, that our Constitution is still as strong as ever, and is the best written governing basis for government on our ball of space dust called Earth.

Our Founding Fathers didn’t expect government to control everything that goes on in the economic realm any more than they expected it to control speech.

The Constitution is a promise about how government power is going to be used. It’s a promise written by people, our Founders, who had experienced life under tyrannical government.

The lesson the Founders learned from that and from their knowledge of previous tyrannies was that the most important issue is to wall off government power from our private lives and to make sure that nobody — not elected officials, not a king, not a dictator — gets to dictate how we live our lives.

The Constitution doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It still slows the growth of government. In 1895, Congress passed an income tax, but the Supreme Court said no, the Constitution does not give you that power — and the income tax was struck down. America at least avoided a national income tax for the next 18 years, until Congress and state legislatures approved an actual Constitutional Amendment.

The Constitution has also limited the power of politicians to ban handguns and political campaign contributions. Each time the Supremes say “no,” that may make the next crop of politicians a bit humbler.

The Constitution reversed President Harry Truman’s nationalization of the steel industry. That seemed to have deterred Presidents Bush and Obama from nationalizing America’s banks after the collapse of the housing bubble.

We benefit from the Constitution’s existence nearly every time it stymies politicians’ ambition to control us.

Next week, I’ll begin showing how ignorant and obtuse liberal commentators are with their specific complaints against our Constitution. Stay tuned.


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