Being an avid long distance biker (Alaska; cross-country numerous times; etc. etc. etc.) for many, many years, I have stayed on top of lane splitting legalities.  At present, and I do mean the present, lane splitting in California is neither allowed nor prohibited.  CA Assembly Bill No. 51 is almost ready to go to the Governor’s desk.  This law will make lane splitting legal.  The bottom line is that it must be done “safely” and prudently.  Current guidelines generally recommend that a lane splitting biker’s speed should not exceed 15 mph faster than the bordering lanes of travel, and that the biker’s speed in any event should not be greater than 50 mph.

Do I personally split lanes?  Hardly ever.  I’ve handled too many claims and law suits involving injured bikers, and many of the injuries are really life changing in a bad way.  And, there are too many car drivers who just don’t like someone getting ahead of them – especially us bikers.  Call if you have any questions about bike laws or riding stories.

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